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Principal Investments
Intelligent Venture Capital Management III ("IVC") (, which is part owned by GC Management GmbH, is the general partner of Rhineland Venture Capital ("RVC"), an early stage venture fund. Since 2007, RVC has completed investments in 11 companies.

GC Co-Invest GmbH & Co KG has made selected co-investments, typically alongside reputable and established lead investors, in technology companies. We will continue to make opportunistic additions to our existing portfolio, with particular attention to secondary investment opportunities in later stage cleantech companies.

GC Beteiligungen GmbH invests in early stage clean technology companies, preferably in the areas of energy and process efficiency, advanced & renewable materials or clean energy services, typically alongside the High-Tech Gründerfonds (

GC Cleantech Incubator supports carefully selected start-up companies and/or entrepreneurs seeking to commercialize innovative technologies which promise to significantly improve energy, materials or production efficiency.

Investment focus Cleantech: Since 2006, we have either invested in - directly or indirectly - and/or assisted with the capital raising effort of well over 20 clean technology companies all over the world.

A summary of our direct investment strategy and criteria can be downloaded from our website.→ Download